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19 y/o independent artist // vocalist // songwriter // performer 

“Clever, emotional lyricism carried by Cassidy’s soprano vocals is presented on top soulful guitar playing that sucks the listener into a world of reverie and introspection.” - Ian Ausdal, WIUX


Sarah Cassidy is a 19-year-old independent artist, vocalist, songwriter, and performer based out of Bloomington, Indiana. She began writing songs as a freshman in high school, one of the first being “Small Town”, an ode to self-love, teenage insecurity, and the hometown hivemind. She is currently studying vocal performance at the Jacobs School of Music and combines her vocal technicality with candid lyricism and her trusty acoustic. She’s opening 2021 with the mini-EP "Swimming Lessons": a nostalgic collection of the three songs that started it all.


She can’t thank you enough for listening.


photography by @gouravpullela on Instagram

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